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Information on Safety measures

In accordance with Article 11, Regulation 12 of the Federal Emissions Control Act as followed by

KSO Edelstahlbeizerei GmbH
Essener Straße 16
57234 Wilnsdorf

Information about KSO Edelstahlbeizerei GmbH

Since 1999, KSO Edelstahlbeizerei GmbH has operated a stainless steel pickling plant at its Wilnsdorf site. Contracted pickling orders are the main work at the stainless steel picking plant. Stainless steel parts are treated in immersion baths that contain a mixture of hydrofluoric and nitric acid. Large pieces are pickled manually with hydrofluoric and nitric acid.

The pickling fluid in the immersion baths consists of hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid and water. The maximum concentration of hydrofluoric acid is < 7%; 25% nitric acid, and the rest water. In accordance with hazardous substance regulations, the pickle is toxic and corrosive, and labelled with the following Risk phrases:

  • H290 May be corrosive to metals.
  • H301 Toxic if swallowed.
  • H310 Fatal in contact with skin.
  • H331 Toxic if inhaled.
  • H314 Causes severe skin burns and eye damage.
  • H318 Causes serious eye damage.

The key chemicals for the pickle, currently classified as very toxic and corrosive, are stored in the warehouse in 1 m³ IBC containers.

Due to the amount of toxic materials handled in the operating area, the operation is subject to Hazardous Incident Regulations.

If a double-walled bath springs a leak, there is a risk of fatal chemical burns to employees in the direct vicinity. If concentrated hydrofluoric acid escapes, a poisonous, invisible gas cloud forms. Catch pits receive the escaped content of the bath via collecting basins in the floor. Where the capacity of the catch pits is exceeded, whether due to the added use of fire-fighting water or sporadic heavy rainfall, the contaminated water may reach the exterior, enter the ground, the sewer system via floor drains, and arrive at the waste water treatment plant or flow directly into the Heckenbach stream. Nevertheless, the risk is lower than that posed to employees on site, since the substances are heavily diluted by the water.

In the event of a fire-related incident, the immediate neighbourhood may be affected by smoke. Nevertheless, the smoke is no more dangerous than that of fires at any industrial unit.

Safety measures

Comprehensive safety measures have been installed to rule out or, as may apply, directly tackle an incident. Internal incident management has been introduced and the corresponding organisational and technical measures put in place. All plant components are resistant to the substances used. The dimensions of catch pits are sufficient to capture any escaping acids. Various plant components are double-walled and monitoring for leakage is implemented.

Plant components that are particularly significant in terms of technical security are regularly serviced and tested for functionality.

KSO Edelstahlbeizerei GmbH confirms that, in cooperation with the emergency and rescue services, it has made the best possible provision for preventing incidents and limiting their impact as far as possible.

Staff are skilled workers and receive regular training on handling hazardous substances. The Fire Services have been advised about the locality and dangers.

The business segment is subject to the provisions of Regulation 12 of the Regulations implementing the Federal Emissions Control Act – Incident regulation (12 BImSchV). This is an upper-tier business segment. The competent authority, the regional administration of Arnsberg, is aware of Article 7 Paragraph 1 and the safety report under Article 9 Paragraph 1 IncidentV, and is thus aware of all substances and measures in relation to the Regulations governing the above-mentioned business segments. The most recent on-site inspection took place on 16 April 2019. More information is available on the Arnsberg regional administration home page, and more detailed information on on-site inspections and on the corresponding monitoring plan under Article 17 (1) IncidentV can be requested.

The authority responsible for civil protection (district of Siegen-Wittgenstein, Office of Fire and Civil Defence, Emergency Services) has been informed about the business segment in question and has drawn up an external hazard prevention and response plan for dealing with incidents and limiting their impact beyond the company site. In the event of an incident, the officer in charge will ensure that analyses of pollution are performed.

Information under the Environmental Information Act may be obtained on request from the responsible authority, Arnsberg district administration, Department 53

Further information is available from the Director responsible for informing the public:

Mr Matthias Fries
KSO Edelstahlbeizerei GmbH
Essener Straße 16
57234 Wilnsdorf
Phone: +49 (0)2739/8707-74

What to do if in an incident

Raise the alarm immediately with the fire service if you notice a significant amount of smoke or see flames coming from the KSO Edelstahlbeizerei GmbH buildings outside working hours. Say:

  • Who is calling
  • Where the fire appears to be
  • What can be seen
  • Whether anyone is injured
  • Wait for any questions the fire service control centre may have

Beware! In the event of water coming from the building:

  • Avoid any contact with the water
  • Evacuate children, disabled and elderly persons from the danger area.
  • In case of contact with contaminated water: remove any wet clothing, taking care to protect yourself. Rinse contaminated skin with plenty of running water.
  • Seek immediate medical attention.

Protect yourself from fumes:

  • Go indoors immediately
  • Take children, disabled or elderly persons with you
  • Close doors and windows and switch off ventilation/air conditioning units
  • Listen out for loudspeaker announcements by the police and rescue services and follow their instructions
  • Listen for acoustic warning signals such as sirens. Turn on relevant media: WarnApp “NINA”, Radio Siegen: frequency 88.2 MHz and/or WDR 2: frequency 101.8 MHz, (local) television, the facebook pages of Siegen-Wittgenstein control centre. Follow official information issued by the authorities.
  • Do not leaving buildings until the all-clear has been given
  • Make phone calls only in an extreme emergency

Emergency services: Fire Brigade, Ambulance: 112
Police: 110

Follow the instructions of the emergency and rescue services!

Further information

Further information is available from the Director responsible for informing the public:

Mr Matthias Fries
KSO Edelstahlbeizerei GmbH
Essener Straße 16
57234 Wilnsdorf
Phone: + 49 (0) 2739/8707-74