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KSO Edelstahlbeizerei

We make stainless steel special

Immersion picklig up to 13.5 m

KSO Edelstahlbeizerei. We make stainless steel rust-free.

Immersion pickling is the most economic method for pickling the entire surface of rinsable stainless-steel components. Processing uses the wet procedure. To do this we have different immersion pickling media that can be matched to every purpose and material.

Immersion pickling removes scale and welding oxide present – the actual points of attack for corrosion. This is removed by high-pressure flushing after the required reaction time for the pickling medium. The passivation coat is then applied.

This ensures the resistance to corrosion of non-rusting parts.

Water produced by this process is fed to our wastewater treatment plant.


KSO offers pickling baths in the following sizes:

  • 13.500 x 2.900 x 2.000 mm
  • 12.500 x 2.900 x 2.000 mm
  • 12.500 x 2.200 x 1.800 mm
  •   8.500 x 2.700 x 1.760 mm
  •   6.500 x 2.500 x 1.500 mm
  •   6.500 x 2.200 x 1.800 mm
  •   2.500 x 1.500 x 1.000 mm
  •   4.500 x 4.500 x 1.100 mm

Unit weight up to 50 tonnes possible.

Please contact us if you have any questions.