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KSO Edelstahlbeizerei

We make stainless steel special


KSO Edelstahlbeizerei. We make stainless steel rust-free.

The aim of pickling stainless steel is to make non-rusting steels resistant to corrosion, as even stainless steel can rust in its untreated form after welding or mechanical processing. In order to rule this out, we offer various pickling processes for guaranteeing a clean metallic surface.

KSO offers various pickling processes and pickling media for processing your products.


Pretreatment of steel and stainless-steel parts for further processing.

Immersion pickling up to 13.5 m

KSO offers immersion pickling media that can be matched to every purpose and material.

Spray pickling up to 60 m

Spray pickling processes for components up to 60 m long and a unit weight of up to 50 t.


After the actual pickling process, the stainless-steel parts are provided with a passivation coating.

Pickling assembly

We can also treat stainless-still plant, tanks, silos or other components that have already been assembled on site with the spray pickling process and/or by using pickling paste.