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KSO Edelstahlbeizerei

We make stainless steel special

Spray picklig up to 60 m and 50 t

KSO Edelstahlbeizerei. We make stainless steel rust-free.

Spray pickling is predominantly suited for stainless-steel components that cannot be immersed, such as parts with untreated steel, cladding joints or very bulky parts. The pickling spray is applied to the surface of the stainless-steel parts and removed with high-pressure water after the corresponding reaction time. This removes tarnish, scaling and corrosion as well as oil and traces of grease leaving an even appearance that ensures passivation for the required corrosion resistance.

Components with a length of up to 60 metres and a unit weight of up to 50 tonnes can be processed at our plant in this way.

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